DoMotusPro is not a one-man work. It is founded by my father Felipe and myself, Jonathan.

Motus” stands for “motion” in Latin, together with “passion”, “quality”, and “hard work” maybe one of the words that describe our company best.

DoMotusPro is a production company based near Málaga, Spain, and was at the beginning dedicated to video only. Right now it has gone far beyond that. Starting with exclusively shooting and editing corporate and product videos, we’ve evolved and are active now profoundly in various branches.

Our main branch became the fitness and bodybuilding industry, where we are the official photographers of the IFBB Pro League in Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Portugal. Besides that, we have worked together with several sport-related brands and companies.

DoMotusPro is not just a photography production company. It has been and will always help and push people we are working with to the next level. It is not just about delivering a picture or video, for us, the importance is to keep improving what can be improved.